Thursday, December 8, 2016

That's a Wrap

I've spent most of the semester missing my best friend. In fact, I've missed her so much that I can't shut up about her. She's the stars to my moon, the words to my pages, and the key to my heart. We are so much the same person that sometimes I can't stand it. Not in the "I'm tired of this" kind of way but more in a way in which I am so overwhelmed with love and acceptance in her presence that my legs grow weak and I physically can't stand. She will be my maid of honor one day, the godmother to each of my children.

My poor new friends know more about Carson than they've ever wanted to. For some reason, they always listen to me drone on and on about this person that they've never met. They never stop me, they never complain when I tell the same story for the fifteenth time, and they never, ever, tell me that they don't care. Because for some reason, I think they do. 

These people are growing on me. I knew I liked them but, now, I think I might love them. It amazed me how I can begin to have feelings for people I've known for four months that are similar to the feelings I have for someone I've known for years. I am so, incredibly blessed to have had these people in my life for these last few months. These friends are absolutely and unquestionably my favorite part of college. It brings tears to my eyes to think that I won't see them every day next semester, and it upsets me that once again, I didn't appreciate something enough before it left. 

Other than the gift from God that is the Lunch Bunch, school went well. I struggled in a few classes at a few different points and I'm still not sure how my grades are going to turn out but I'm OK with that. I used to be crazy about grades but since coming to OU I've realized that there is more to life. This opportunity is taking too many years of my life, too much of my money, for me to just go through the motions. I can, and I will, appreciate every second of the next four years. I won't let any part of it slip away from me. 

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